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in Houston, TX

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About Buffalo Bayou

At Buffalo Bayou Kayak Tours we focus on safety, fun, and learning experiences with a love for our natural environment. Sit-on-top kayaks and SUPATX Paddle Boards are our go-to gear we use for our tours and rentals.

Enjoy the serenity and beauty of kayaking in Houston, Texas with Buffalo Bayou Kayak Tours & Rentals by getting off the beaten path and onto the Buffalo Bayou. We show our guests the best way to experience the natural wonders around the Houston city area using kayaks. It is our passion. The bayou river trail makes for great bird watching, bat watching, and a truly unique paddling experience.

No matter if it’s your first time in a Houston kayak or your hundred and first, our experienced guides provide expert instruction and interpretation, and we provide the best quality kayaks and equipment.

Top-Rated Buffalo Bayou Kayak Tours!

Family Fun

We had a blast on our kayak tour. We took our 2 teenage daughters and they thought it was great as well. Our guide was very knowledgeable and kept our group entertained. It was a great night! Definitely an experience you want to have in your lifetime.

– Krista E. | Tripadvisor
Loved It

10 out of 5 stars! My partner and I rented a tandem kayak from the very friendly, helpful, and informative staff and we had an amazing time. We saw all sorts of wildlife: baby turtles, ducklings, egrets, and blue herons! The only thing I wish I’d done differently is booked a longer experience! 1 hour is great, but 2 would have been amazing… Next time!

– Kim C. | Tripadvisor
Awesome Adventure

An excellent tour overall. Our guide was knowledgeable, gave great local history, allowed the kids to have fun and stay safe. Easy to work with and very responsive when I had questions. I would gladly take another kayaking tour!

– Megan M. | Tripadvisor
Scenic Views

Our guide did an awesome job leading the group and giving out information. Enjoyed a leisurely paddle to the bridge to observe the bats! The viewing was superior to any other vantage point. The paddle back also had awesome views of the skyline lit up in the darkness.

– Joey T. | Tripadvisor
Vacation Highlight

I brought an out-of-town friend here to go paddleboarding and it ended up being her favorite part of her trip! It was our first time and customer service was so friendly and helpful in ensuring we were comfortable on the boards. Super relaxing way to spend an afternoon!

– Audrey R. | Tripadvisor

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Embark on a modern-day odyssey along the revitalized banks of Buffalo Bayou—a transformation that has turned this waterway into a bustling urban oasis. Discover how thoughtful planning, parks, trails, and public art have seamlessly woven an intricate tapestry, blending the bayou’s industrial remnants with the contemporary allure of vibrant green spaces. From kayaking enthusiasts to…